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UKDataSecure launches brand new website and 25% discount

As Founder and CEO of ukdatasecure, it is with great pride that I launch the brand new UKDataSecure website in this month of May 2020, a period in time we will never forget as we continue national lockdown due to COVID-19. 

Our adversaries, the perpetrators of data breaches and cyber-crime, have unfortunately exploited the confusion and uncertainty caused by the global COVID-19 lockdown with renewed vigour. 

As you and your organisation thinks about post COVID-19 recovery, UKDataSecure is preparing to be right by your side, supporting you to prevent data breaches, in order to maintain the continued viability of your organisation; there's nothing we cannot assist you with when it comes to protecting your physical and cloud based data and information security assets. 

To help you through COVID-19 recovery and to mark the launch of our website we will be offering up to 25% discount on services booked during May 2020 for work delivered during May, June and July 2020 (terms and conditions apply). 

Please visit our new website for more details of the bespoke services we can offer you; please let us know what you think of our website and please get in touch to talk to us about what we can do for you.


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