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Data Security and Privacy Health Check Workshops

Developing trust is our first goal when talking to new clients of all sizes and across all industries; we believe in developing trust by demonstrating what we are good at without commercial terms being the first thing we talk about.

​That is why we offer a 60-minute first workshop free of charge and with no obligation on new clients to engage us further after the first workshop meeting.

  • In the safe environment of our first workshop we explore new clients’ data security and privacy environments, aiming to understand the status of clients' data security and privacy controls, making high level recommendations for improvements as an output of the meeting.

  • Our 2 hour expanded workshop is offered at a fixed price and also carries no onward obligation on clients; in this extended workshop we focus on a more extensive review of new clients’ data security and privacy control framework and governance environment and elaborate on risk and vulnerability management gaps, making more detailed mitigation and remediation recommendations.

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