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The only thing we do is very good data security and privacy, helping you to make sure your data is actually kept secure and private.

We demystify and help you to comply with data security and privacy control frameworks including ISO27001:2022, PCI DSS v4.0, Cyber Essentials Plus, GDPR, NIST, IASME Cyber Assurance and SOC2.

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The primary goal of Information Security Governance is the development of trust in the integrity of your data and information security assets amongst all stakeholder groups

With organisations becoming almost wholly dependent on their data and information security assets, managing confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability for your data and information has never been more business critical


Diagnosing the health of your data security and privacy status to help you to better understand your risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities 


Working collaboratively with you to deliver bespoke engagements to remediate and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities


Demystifying your journey to compliance across multiple data security and privacy control frameworks 


Empowering your colleagues to be your strongest asset in your perpetual endeavour to prevent data and information loss


About Us

Founded in 2009, UKDataSecure exists to help you to perpetually protect your data and information security assets, to avoid data and information loss through security incidents and breaches, in order to maintain the continued viability of your organisation.

Statistics prove that effective governance, risk management, strategy and compliance substantially reduces the likelihood of your organisation becoming the subject of a data or information security breach; checkout the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report.

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